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One of the best Sexologist Doctor in Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon, Ghaziabad and Faridabad

Sex is the way to communicate through touch. It is the beautiful path to love where the journey is more beautiful than the destiny. It is not only the need of the person, but it is the desire which everyone wants at a point of time. Women are very delicate and one can win them softly.

Women must be satisfied at their best because they have been very suppressive towards their wants and desires. So here are some of the ways listed below which can make her happy in bed that are suggested by the Sex specialist doctor in Delhi that is Dr. P.K Gupta.

Map her body

Explore her, read her body, get familiar with her so that you get to know her high points. Study her well so that you get know her erogenous zones. Women love the curiosity men have towards their bodies. She must die for your touch and you must know her well. That is the prime rule of intimacy. Play with her hair, make her feel ticklish, and make her feel that you are not here for sexual activities. Make her feel secure in your arms.

Pay attention to her needs

“Orgasms are amazing; they can make your sex more beautiful as the person is completely satisfied. A true gentleman is the one who pays attention to his girl’s needs. Paying attention to her needs must be prior, he must ask her for her wants and desires so that intimacy is not suppressive or pressure on her.” recommended by the Best sex specialist in Delhi.

Focus on her arousal

When a woman is aroused, the experience becomes aromatic by a thousand times. Allow her to indicate that she is ready to have it. Her high points are responsible for her arousal and you must keep in mind that women love attention. Pay adequate attention to her; be soft with her so that she can feel the comfort with you.

A French kiss is not the best kiss always

Do not crush your lips with hers. Sometimes playing and teasing can make your game strong. She must crave for you, she must feel strong for you and sometimes French kiss fails to that as it becomes boring being in the same state for long. Kiss her softly on her lips, cheeks, and forehead. Keep your pace slow with her so that she enjoys with you.

Be gentle on her when you are down there

A women’s vagina is very delicate and sensitive. The clitoris is very soft so be gentle on it so that it opens up. Do not attack it roughly, she needs love and care, give her that by your touch and senses. She must feel safe and secured with you. Do not force her for oral sex, not all women like it. Let her be herself when she is with you.

So here are some of the ways to make her happy and these ways are suggested to you by the leading Sex specialist in Delhi, Dr. P.K Gupta.

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